Artist Biographies

Kathleen Fox 1880 - 1963

Born in Dublin in 1880, Kathleen Fox studied at the Dublin Metropolitan School of Art under William Orpen and for a period, she acted as his assistant. Known for her still life and historical subjects, Kathleen exhibited both paintings and watercolours, together with copper and enamel design work and stained glass from the early 1900ís. She had, for a period, a studio in London, and also worked in Paris and after the Great War, she had a studio in Bruges in Belgium, travelling widely through France and Germany. Throughout her life, she exhibited more than 80 works at the RHA, during the period 1911 - 1957. In 1916, she went openly into many dangerous streets in Dublin, to capture in her paintings, the scenes of The Rising. She portrayed Countess Markievicz surrendering outside the College of Surgeons and yet another painting is of Grace Gifford. She married a Lieutenant Pym in 1917, who was killed the following year. Kathleen Fox, Sir John Lavery and William Orpen were all represented at the National Portrait Societyís 1921 Exhibition in London, and she exhibited at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, at the Royal Academy in London, the Royal Scottish Academy and the Society of Women Artists. She was later represented at the Exhibition of Irish Art in Brussels in 1930 and the Oireachtas Exhibitions in Dublin, together with Dublinís Dawson Gallery. Her painting of the interior of her Parisian Studio, was presented to the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art by the Haverty Trust. Her work is included in the collections of the Crawford Gallery in Cork, the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery, University College Dublin and many other prestigious collections. Kathleen Fox is an important Irish artist, whose work spans the period of the formation of the State, right up to the 1960ís.
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