About Dolan's Art Auction House

Going back 20 years, you could say that Irish Art Auctions had largely been a Dublin and London phenomenon and to a lesser degree Belfast and Cork, with few, if any, Irish Art Auctions beyond these centres. Recognising this gap and aware of the rich artistic culture of the West of Ireland, Dr. Niall Dolan established Dolan's Art Auction House in Galway in 2005.

It has always been remarkable that a great proportion of Irish Art depicts life in the West of Ireland. Over the years, so many of our great Irish artists have sought inspiration from the people and landscape of the West.

Dolan’s Art Auction House has brought a wide range of Contemporary & 20th Century Irish Art to the market, not only in Galway and the West of Ireland, but in many locations nationwide in the intervening years, enriching our shared cultural heritage.
Camille Souter & Niall Dolan
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