Artist Biographies

Hans Iten 1874 - 1930

Hans Iten was born in Zurich and studied in Paris where he was influenced by the Impressionists. In 1904, Iten travelled to Belfast and became closely associated with the Belfast Arts Society and indeed, with the Dublin art world of the day, exhibiting at the Royal Hibernian Academy in 1908 and over the next 21 years, he exhibited nearly 50 works at the RHA. He continued to exhibit widely in Dublin and Belfast and indeed, at the Paris Salon, together with the Fine Arts Society in London and the Walker Gallery in Liverpool. Known as a landscape and flower painter, the present work on offer is a very good example of his style. In 1930, Iten was one of the first nine artists elected to the Ulster Academy of Arts and in the same year, he was represented in the Irish exhibition in Brussels. Examples of his work are to be found in many collections, including the Ulster Museum and the Hugh Lane Municipal Gallery of Modern Art.
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