Artist Biographies

Hanne T Fisker b.1973

Hanne T. Fisker is a young Danish Photographer, who has made Ireland her home since 2011. Her background is in sports and academia, however in 2008 she gave away her belongings, packed a suitcase and left Denmark, entering a nomadic existence and at some point along the way, picked up a camera. Deeply moved and inspired by nature all around her, and with a keen observant eye, Hanne developed and honed her skills as a photographer, whether gazing over vast untamed oceans, or mesmerised by a raindrop in a spider web and even through her rare encounters with feral creatures, she has managed to capture snippets of the natural world, as she sees and senses it. Her first solo exhibition “Storm and Still” in 2015 was followed two years later by “Water Stories”. Nowadays photographs are increasingly significant in the world’s major art institutions, such as New York’s Museum of Modern Art and London’s Tate. Creating images that are unique, powerful and evocative, Hanne T. Fisker is an emerging artist of substance, who has managed, through the realm of photography, to develop her work as a serious and significant Art Form.
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