Artist Biographies

Geraldine O'Brien 1922 - 2014

Niall Dolan (Nov 2007): “I will always remember with fondness my visits to Geraldine O’Brien in her beloved Parteen, and my abiding memory will be her wonderful laugh and good humour, as we walked through the gardens and into her studio which she told me with glee, has always been called the ‘piggery’.? I stood in the studio with Geraldine’s dogs about our feet, and it was a privilege to be there.? It was like stepping back in time. Here was the studio of a real artist, with her easel and paints, and what looked like hundreds of brushes, and paintings all around us, work dating back over six decades to the 1940’s, most of which had been undisturbed for years and years. A veritable treasure-trove”.
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