Artist Biographies

Carina Scott b.1963

Carina Scott is both artist and musician, and all the while a breeder of quality Irish sport horses. With a strong musical background, Carina, as an artist & painter, is largely self taught and her pedigree as a creative artist mirrors her success with her horses and Connemara ponies at the RDS and French Championships. Painting in both Ireland and France, her adopted country, Carina Scott is continually inspired by the landscape & light, by the seasons and the sensuality of nature all around her. Her work is distinctive and vibrant, an Irish palette, influenced by the strong light and colour of southern Europe. With her bold use of paint, Scott captures the light and mood of the Irish landscape and of the creatures she portrays. Her use of paint is remarkable, testament to the flair, vigour and enthusiasm with which she constantly works and her reputation as an artist has grown steadily, with continued success.
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