Artist Biographies

Susan Cronin b.1965

Born in 1965, Tipperary Artist, Susan Cronin has had an interesting and varied career path, in Ireland and abroad, as a Hair Stylist and a Psychotherapist, yet all the while, combining her culinary flair as a Canape Chef, with her full time artistic endeavours. Always a painter at heart, and almost entirely self-taught, her interest in music and her artistic talent were evident from an early age, finding expression in so many varied & creative fields, an Artist through & through.

In her studio, she works tirelessly at her easel, with a natural & creative flair and passion. Cronin has developed a distinctive style, in the treatment of her subject, both still life and landscape, and her eye as a photographer has stood her well. Her compositions are strong & imaginative and her boundaries between Realism and Impressionism are often blurred & intriguing, often dipping into the abstract. Her work has an uplifting quality, with constant bold use of paint and good, determined & creative palette knife skill.

Inspired constantly by colour, shape and light, Susan Cronin’s distinctive and vibrant work has certainly gone from strength to strength since her first Solo Exhibition and she enjoys an ever increasing interest in, and appreciation of her work. Susan Cronin’s paintings have certainly caught the eye of the Art Critics in the National Newspapers and her work has featured in The Irish Times, The Irish Examiner & The Sunday Business Post in recent times. Her success is richly deserved.
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