Artist Biographies

Séamus Ó'Colmáin 1925 - 1990

Séamus  Ó'Colmáin was born in Dublin in 1925. He attended the National College of Art & Design and he also studied in Paris for a period.

Ó'Colmáin was a streetscape and portrait painter who focused particularly on everyday scenes of Dublin life. He was the Vice-President of the United Arts Club and a member of the Irish Branch of International Art for the Handicapped. He died in 1990.

Séamus  Ó'Colmáin had several successful exhibitions at the David Hendriks Gallery, Ritchie Hendriks Gallery, the Oriel Gallery and Lincoln Gallery. He also participated in many RHA, Oireachtas and Irish Exhibitions of Living Art annual shows.

His work is included in the collections of the Arts Council of Ireland, Queen's University Belfast and Waterford Municipal Art Gallery.
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