Artist Biographies

Markey Robinson 1918 - 1999

A primitive painter, a colourful character, a man of great complexity - these are all descriptions which have been used to describe Markey Robinson over the years. Born in Belfast in 1918; Markey Robinson is regarded as one of the great Northern Masters. In a sixty year career, Markey’s unique and vibrant paintings fully demonstrate his genius for composition. His signature style and his range of themes are readily identifiable - rural landscapes, women in shawls and sad looking clowns. His work has been seen far & wide, as far back as 1956, Markey exhibited work at the Salon des Independants in Paris and he is represented in many public and private collections around the globe. Art Historian, Susan Stairs in her biography on Markey probably summed him up best when she said of him, ‘there is a genius in our midst’.
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