Artist Biographies

Gil Teixeira Lopes

Gil Teixeira Lopes was Professor at the School of Fine Arts of Lisbon. The techniques and subjects used by the artist show a great diversity in his work. Between 1960 and 1998, he received almost 40 awards, not only in Portugal but also in other countries. He also participated in many exhibitions. His works belong to several public and private collections, such as: Museu de Setúbal, Museu de Arte Contemporânea da S.E.C. (Lisbon), Museu Municipal Martins Correia (Golegă), Museu Municipal Armando Teixeira Lopes (Mirandela), Museu Municipal Abel Mantas (Manteigas), Museu Municipal do Desenho (Estremoz), and in France, Brazil, Poland, Norway, Korea, United States of America, Belgium, Mexico, Austria, Bulgary and Italy.
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